PRPM International

This project presents itself as a disruptive innovation at the level of RARI as an organization and of the respective marketing processes with influence in the areas of the Marketing Mix. The commercial activity of RARI faces certain challenges in the scope of internationalization, which stem mainly from the fact that it is an organizational structure oriented towards international projects.


The INDTECH 4.0 project – New technologies for intelligent manufacturing (hereinafter referred to as INDTECH 4.0) aims at the design and development of innovative technologies for Industry 4.0/Factories of the Future (FoF), using the mobilisation of multiple business partners and research centres, as well as the leadership of a automotive assembly unit (Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)) – Peugeot Citröen, S.A. (hereinafter referred to as PSA Mangualde) – as reference field for experimentation, demonstration, and technological validation.


FORKLIFTAGV provides for the exploration of disruptive areas of scientific and technological knowledge, with a view to the development of an autonomous, sustainable cargo handling system capable of performing tasks in highly dynamic environments based on radical developments in terms of intelligent robotics, advanced sensing and multimodal perception systems. The objective is to allow the industry to gain performance and increase the sustainability of processes that are fundamental to the production process, in an initial phase aimed at the AUTO segment and, later, for the entire industry.


RARI, leads a consortium that integrates the University of Coimbra, the University of Porto and the companies Globaltronic, 4iTec Lusitânia, NOS Comunicações and NOS Technology in a project co-financed by PORTUGAL 2020.

In the warehouse of the future, it is expected that an intelligent system capable of solving not only the problems of easy reconfiguration of spaces, but also the capacity of sensing people and raw materials in order to guarantee that the processes are being carried out in accordance with the specified and additionally, providing information in real time for the management of the performance of the same and the quantities of raw material available at each moment, ensuring its availability when necessary. However, a warehouse of the future is not governed by current rules and its reach must overcome the physical barrier of the facilities, allowing the geolocation of materials and components inside and outside the facilities.

This project with several strands, aims to have warehouses provided with an automatic movement system, create solutions for the computing and communication infrastructure within the smart factory, where Picking and kitting seek the paths for automation and movement of loads, minimizing human intervention, while also seeking to optimize the state of material stabilization.

RARI – Competitive SmartRotoMould

RARI – CONSTRUÇÕES METÁLICAS, ENGENHARIA, PROJETOS e SOLUÇÕES INDUSTRIAIS, S.A., hereinafter referred to as RARI, was incorporated on January 1, 1989, as a private limited company. In 2009 RARI became SA. In that same year, there was a need to create R&C SGPS, a family holding (Ramos and Caçador), with a view to unifying the management of the subsidiaries RARI and Ovo Solutions – Soluções Ambientais, S.A.

RARI offers solutions that are categorized into transport systems/elements (ground and air, lifting platforms and special equipment), automation solutions (robot cells), engineering and even a line of customized product design services that result in two major business areas, AUTO and TECH, providing transport/integrator solutions with main application in the automotive and logistics industry, which allowed the creation of a customer base that counts as names such as VWAE, PSA, EDP, OGMA, SIEMENS, TAP, EMBRAER, DENSO GROUP, among others.

With this project, RARI intends to enhance its contribution to the nuclear company VWAE by its alignment with the strategic objectives and promotion of the added value of the automotive segment on a global scale and for the nuclear company Volkswagen Autoeuropa.
This project consists of the execution of a qualification plan that RARI has outlined, which includes a set of expenses that will contribute to an increase in its competitiveness, namely in meeting the requirements defined by its most relevant customer in terms of turnover, VOLKSWAGEN AUTOEUROPE

Process Engineering and Special Machines Internationalization Dynamics

RARI – Construções Metálicas, Engenharia, Projetos e Soluções Industriais, S.A. is a company dedicated to the field of metalworking, producing transport systems and elements, lifting platforms, automation and customized solutions. The company currently has four registered brands on the national, community and international market, namely: RARI, RARI-EU, RARI-Russia and RARI-China.

RARI is currently present in 6 markets and, driven by this internationalization project, it plans to operate in new markets such as Brazil, Italy, Morocco and Mexico, with the main objectives:

  • Increase and diversify the offer, through the integration of new products (Brand SIZED);
  • Implementation of an internationalization strategy that allows for an increase in the pace of exports;
  • Achieve an export activity greater than 50% in 2023.

Smart Rotomould – Intelligent Rotomoulding Technology with Reconfigurable Molds

This project, with the acronym Smart RotoMould, aims to develop a solution applied to the development of new modular, reconfigurable and adaptable rotational molding moulds for logistical support to the Auto segment. In addition to developing an interoperable and adaptable ecosystem, the project will analyze the various sensors that can be used to extract available data (temperature, vibration, humidity, energy consumption, gas consumption, etc.) in order to carry out the sensing of the production process (rotomolding station included) which will be the basis for the development and integration of the cyber-physical production system responsible for integrating all functionalities and optimizing the system. Machine learning will also be used to generate more knowledge associated with the cause of waste, so that the cyber-physical system can dynamically and effectively reconfigure the process.
In the end, the project intends to deliver a pilot (TRL7) that is fully functional and integrated in the beneficiary’s facilities, with the collaboration of an external entity: UNINOVA – Institute for the Development of New Technologies.
According to the sales map by geographic markets, in the pre-project year, the company, in addition to the national market, is already present in the markets of Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Czech Republic, France and Sweden, and in the post-project year, it intends to increase the turnover in these markets and entering the market of Italy, Brazil and Mexico.
With this project, the beneficiary intends to enhance its contribution to the Volkswagen Auto-Europe nuclear company.